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any other. It is a bargain, it is a social contract,
to do as we would be done by and to repress our
extravagant egotisms in return for reciprocal
concessions. And in the face of these considera-
tions we have advanced about the true nature of
the beast we have to deal with, it is plain that the
politics of the sane man as we have reasoned
them out, must anticipate a strenuous opposition
to this primary vital implement for bringing
about the new world order.
I have suggested that the current discussion of
" War Aims " may very effectively be transformed
into the propaganda of this new Declaration of
the Rights of Man. The opposition to it and the
attempts that will be made to postpone, mitigate,
stifle and evade it, need to be watched, denounced
and combatted persistently throughout the world.
I do not know how far this Declaration I have
sketched can be accepted by a good Catholic,
but the Totalitarian pseudo-philosophy insists
upon inequality of treatment for " non-Aryans "
as a glorious duty. How Communists would
respond to its clauses would, I suppose, depend
upon their orders from Moscow. But what are
called the " democracies" are supposed to be
different, and it would be possible now to make
that Declaration a searching test of the honesty
and spirit of the leaders and rulers in whom they